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May The Whisper Become A Song

By Becky Robinson  |  Oct 18, 2016

Saturday afternoon, and the sun is beating down on my kids, their friends, and me as we walk through the tall stalks of a corn maze. We shed sweatshirts and wish for shorts instead of jeans on this 70 plus degree October day. We emerge from the maze into the orchard, where row after row of apple  »Read More

My Favorite New Life Hack

By Becky Robinson  |  Sep 22, 2016

My family enjoys a home-cooked meal every weekday evening (and other times throughout the week, as well), but I don’t cook them all. Instead, I’ve stumbled on the best-ever entrepreneur life hack imaginable, sharing cooking with another family. My friend Sarah and I started last winter  »Read More

Choose the Best

By Becky Robinson  |  Aug 16, 2016

A colleague shared a challenge she’s facing: if she prioritizes work, she misses the best hours of the day with her daughter. If she prioritizes time with her daughter and homeschooling, her work-time disappears and she finds herself at the computer late at night, working in the wee hours of  »Read More

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