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But the fluctuations…

By Becky Robinson  |  Oct 13, 2017

Sunday morning, we woke to heavy rains. With the sunrise, the rain dwindled, then stopped and left humid, heavy air. As my friend and I started the Steamtown Marathon, which begins with a descent through several small Pennsylvania towns, we felt the weight of the humidity and relaxed into a few  » Read More

The Power of Print

By Becky Robinson  |  Jul 26, 2017

As a marketer, I’m always looking to learn new techniques and repeat tactics that work. I recently had the pleasure of talking with Simone Stover of the Albuquerque Journal to discuss our start-up division, Hometown Reads. She featured our site in a digital article that also showed up in the  » Read More

One Word: Rest

By Becky Robinson  |  May 03, 2017

Our pastor challenged us to choose a word to focus on over the next 30 days or so. He asked us to pray and reflect as we considered the word. During the service, my mind jumped from one word to the next but didn’t settle on any word until later at home, when my mind kept returning to the word  » Read More

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