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One Word: Rest

By Becky Robinson  |  May 03, 2017

Our pastor challenged us to choose a word to focus on over the next 30 days or so. He asked us to pray and reflect as we considered the word. During the service, my mind jumped from one word to the next but didn’t settle on any word until later at home, when my mind kept returning to the word  » Read More

10 Thoughts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

By Becky Robinson  |  Nov 30, 2016

I’m preparing to talk to some aspiring entrepreneurs to share my journey. It’s challenging to figure out how to distill my 4+ year entrepreneurial journey into 75 minutes. Which lessons will be most important for these students to hear? Which of my stories will be most memorable? What  » Read More

May The Whisper Become A Song

By Becky Robinson  |  Oct 18, 2016

Saturday afternoon, and the sun is beating down on my kids, their friends, and me as we walk through the tall stalks of a corn maze. We shed sweatshirts and wish for shorts instead of jeans on this 70 plus degree October day. We emerge from the maze into the orchard, where row after row of apple  » Read More

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