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Extend Your Reach To Get Your Ideas Out There


So, you have some content you want to share? A book? A podcast? A blog? Or maybe you want to help your favorite cause gain visibility in the marketplace? Or you simply want a user-friendly guide on things like building a personal brand (both online and offline), smart use of social media or how to increase the “shareability” of ideas you’re sure other people will appreciate? Becky Robinson is ready to help.

Show Up With Generosity

Bob Miglani

“Show up with Generosity” says Becky Robinson when I asked her about a powerful lesson on #marketing she learned as a CEO and now the author of the hot new book titled Reach – which helps us understand how to create the biggest audience for our message whether we’re doing #bookmarketing or selling #technology or sharing our ideas with the world.

Expanding the REACH of Your Ideas

Tanmay Vora

Putting your ideas out there requires courage.

When you do that, you want your ideas to reach as many people as possible. In a connected world, expanding the reach of our ideas brings along diverse connections, serendipitous opportunities and exposure to great new ideas.

4 Commitments Leaders Can Cultivate to Compound the Impact of Their Work


Because leaders lead people, being a leader often means the opportunity to support people through the ups and downs of life. This proximity of working together regularly and closely creates the possibility that we can develop a huge and lasting impact on our colleagues’ lives — if we choose to.

Reach Can Expand a Leaders Connection for Success and Significance Success and Significance

Dr. John Hackett

Leaders who connect with those they lead and serve will develop engagement leading to success in the present context. In the long run, leaders with hard work and a continual commitment to core beliefs and content skills such as connection in the context of the time will develop a legacy of significance.

Do You Want to Write a Book?

Joseph LaLonde

If you are a leader who has been considering writing a nonfiction book to share your expertise with others, you may want to consider the following questions, actions, and commitments as you sort through the right timing, content, publishing approach, and promotion plans.

Creating Your Biggest Possible Audience

Megan Ericson Social Media Show

Becky Robinson sits down with Megan Ericson, social media entrepreneur and Director of Growth at HopeWriters.

Self-Promotion: How To Create Reach Whether You Identify as an Introvert or an Extrovert

Jennifer Kahnweiler

“I’m not comfortable promoting myself,” is the most common phrase I hear from authors, thought leaders, and other content creators who are resistant to market their work. 

How to Close the Influence Gap and Make a Greater Difference

Leadership Freak with Dan Rockwell

Many people fall prey to what I call the “influence gap” which occurs when a person creates significant offline influence and neglects the opportunity to share their wisdom online. In doing so, they limit the reach of their work and miss out on important opportunities to make a greater difference.

Available Today, Reach Provides a Strategic Framework and Actionable Steps for Expanding Influence

Cision PR Web

Launched today, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause, by digital pioneer Becky Robinson takes an in-depth look at what it takes to achieve the greatest possible influence for one’s work, providing valuable advice for targeting key audiences, carefully growing and cultivating a following, and effective strategies for growing an online presence.

4 Commitments for Fantastic Customer Experience

Chip R. Bell

Most businesses want to attract more customers and keep those customers for as long as possible. It’s the combination of acquiring a growing customer base and retaining each customer long-term that makes the biggest difference to an organization’s success.

4 Commitments to Fuel Your Thought Leadership

Tanveer Naseer Leadership

If you’re a leader, but want to become a thought leader, you’ll need to have a strong point of view and share it with others. As you embark on this journey, you’ll need to incorporate four important commitments to be most successful.

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Official Long Bio

Becky Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Weaving Influence, a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in supporting authors, business leaders, coaches, trainers, speakers, and thought leaders. Founded in 2012, Weaving Influence services include strategic consultation/coaching for authors and thought leaders, social media management, public relations, virtual meeting facilitation, and book launch services. Under Becky’s leadership, the firm has helped clients launch more than 150 books, enabling authors to build their brands, acquire more business customers, and increase book sales.

Becky hosts the Book Marketing Action Podcast, where she shares actionable advice to help authors achieve their goals to reach more readers and enhance their brand. She has created many resources and events to help authors including the Reach More Readers Workshop.

In April 2022, Becky is publishing her first book with Berrett-Koehler titled, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause.

Becky holds an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College and received her B.A. in English/Creative Writing from Miami University. When she’s not working or writing, Becky is a distance runner. She has completed 10 full and 11 half marathons. She also ran a 50K to celebrate her 50th birthday. Becky and her husband of nearly 30 years, Eric, live in Lambertville, Michigan. They have three children.

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