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More, More, More

Finding My Way to Peace Amidst the More
By Becky Robinson  |  Aug 04, 2016
A view from my morning walk.

After a season of not-enough business compared to the past, I’ve found myself catapulted into a season of more: more opportunities, more projects, more growth. While earlier this year, we scaled back our team, we’re adding team members again. More relationships. More work. More.

I’m also working hard developing my latest venture, which is experiencing tremendous momentum. I am trying to run two companies at once, with teams that overlap, and there’s great synergy between the two ventures. I’m meeting lots of people and making powerful connections as we seek to showcase authors in their hometowns. More books. More authors. More. More.

On the home front, I’ve got more, also. A move to a home with more property means there is more work to do.

First, there’s the getting settled from the move, which feels like it might never be done. My husband has more grass to mow. Bringing home a puppy means more work, too, and more interruptions. A pool means I have more —  more errands (picking up chlorine) and more tasks. More. More. More.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good more. But all this more can be a bit overwhelming.

In all the more, there is this powerful addition; in all of this, I’ve found more peace.

I have to stop there and repeat this. In the midst of overwhelming more, I can find more peace.

Early mornings, I wake up to walk our dog, and here in Michigan summer mornings can be cool, with heavy dew. I walk barefoot around our yard and feel the chill, a good chill. I listen to the birds. I breathe deeply as I walk.

I look up at the tall trees. They tower over me. They are strong and steady.

More peace.

The more peace is the only way I keep all the other more together.

How do you find peace in the midst of more?

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LOVE IT! That peace will sustain you. And make the dog happy. :-)

Thank you, Paula!

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