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Running, In the Dark, Alone

Keep Running Until the Sunrise
By Becky Robinson  |  Apr 06, 2016

This Saturday morning, 5 am found me out on the streets of Sylvania, Ohio, where I meet to run with my running group.

I didn’t know it when we started, but I had stumbled into a group of the “fast runners.” Within a few minutes, they pulled far ahead of me, setting a pace I couldn’t match. I kept them in my sights, their neon-colored vests shining in the distance for a time, then disappearing from my view.

For a while, the street lights illuminated my path, until our planned route took us to a rural road and the only light came from a car now and then, its lights flashing into my eyes to blind me momentarily.

I was running — in the dark — alone.

I felt unsure of my footing, and fearful of stumbling on rocks or potholes.

I started to let my mind go to the sad, ugly places that your mind will go at those moments, deciding that the run was an apt metaphor for my life right now.

Sometimes I feel like I am running in the dark, alone.

As I put one foot in front of the other, I gave into those depressed thoughts, feeling the pressure, discouragement, and stress of the past weeks overwhelm me.

But as the day began to lighten, so did my mood. I passed a woman out on her morning walk. She shouted to me across the road “Keep going. Don’t quit! I’m eighty and you just have to keep going.”

After the first 6 miles, a few other runners joined, and I had companions on my journey. The sun came out. No longer running in the dark alone, I was running, in the light, with cherished friends.

Here are some things I have learned about life and business: There are times I will feel as if I am running alone, but I am never truly alone. Sometimes, I will feel as if I am running in the dark, but I am never truly in the dark. Rather than giving into the sad, ugly places, I need to hear the voice of that woman ringing out across the street “Keep going. Don’t quit.” And I need to keep running until the sun comes up.

How do you combat the sad, ugly thoughts that arise during tough times?

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What People Are Saying

“Keep going. Don’t quit! I’m eighty and you just have to keep going.”

Moments like this placed in our path for a reason. There are messages and signs all around us. You just have to look for them.

Thanks, John. I believe that!

The third #WITeam running-related post in the last couple of weeks! I sense a theme! I wish I knew the answer. My favorite quote (from the movie Philadelphia) is “Every problem has a solution” but I struggle with catastrophic thoughts before embracing my favorite quote! I guess I just have to hand it to your elderly friend. Sounds like she speaks from experience!

I wish I could meet her again to thank her for the encouraging word in the dark!

I love this perspective, Becky. When I’m in the dark I remember that I’ve been in similar circumstances and survived and sometimes thrived. When it’s darkest is when the tiniest light shines brightest.

I agree! Thank you for your encouragement.

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