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It’s Good to Be Known

By Becky Robinson  |  Jul 05, 2018
It's Good to Be Known || BeckyRobinson.com

My friend Marina is like a celebrity in our local running community. Everyone knows her. During recent races, as I’ve run alongside her, we can’t go far without someone cheering her on or calling out her name. I stand quietly beside her before and after races as many friends greet and  » Read More

Instant Poem

By Becky Robinson  |  Jun 08, 2018

Maybe it’s the sunshine, or the caffeine, leftover high from this morning’s run, a sugar rush from those two cookies I ate before lunch, but I’m feeling pretty good. Here’s why: For all my worrying and striving, all my fretting and crying, the right work always shows up at just the right  » Read More

Focused, Consistent Effort

By Becky Robinson  |  Apr 24, 2018

Sunday I completed my 6th marathon — my 3rd in the last six months. I felt good, finished strong, and shaved 16 minutes off my previous personal record. Sunshine, cool temperatures: perfect conditions. A lot of people who aren’t runners seem impressed when I tell them I run marathons  » Read More

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