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Do You Have What It Takes to Go the Distance?

Whether you're looking to run your first marathon, considering starting a new venture, or well into your business journey, you'll find ideas, inspiration, and encouragement in the pages of my new Ebook.

Journey with me through:

  • Preparation and Training
  • Hitting the Wall
  • Going the Distance

Paired with questions for personal reflection, each section will give you insights for your journey. 

Running Together

Don't Run Alone

One of the enduring lessons of this Ebook is that running is better with others. Whatever big goals you're pursuing, you'll find more success and enjoy the miles more if you run with a friend.

We run stronger, go farther, and accomplish more when we share the journey with others.

Every Mile is a Gift. Learn to Cherish Each One.

Becky Robinson

I'm Becky Robinson.  the founder and CEO of Weaving Influence, a digital marketing agency specializing in supporting authors, thought leaders, and nonprofits. Since launching six years ago, Weaving Influence has helped clients launch more than a hundred books. In addition to running Weaving Influence, my team and I launched in early 2016. now showcases more than 3,000 authors in more than a hundred U.S. metropolitan areas, offering more than 6,000 books. We are championing the read local movement.

I am also a marathoner, a wife, and a mom to 3 girls.

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