Some Days Are For Couches and Listening to the Rain


I woke to the sound of rain, steady and unrelenting. I love rain for sleeping, but I got out of bed at my usual time, walked downstairs, opened our sliding door to the cool air, and made a cup of coffee.

While waiting for the brew, I stretched out on the couch in our family room. We have skylights in our family room so the sound of the rain is amplified. The sound of rain on the skylights is one of my favorites.

Thursday is one of my writing days, but I ignored my usual routine and read a novel instead. Then I pulled a fleece blanket up to my neck, set my iPad and glasses aside, and relaxed on the couch, with the peaceful drum of the rain lulling me slowly back to sleep.

Some days are for driving hard, all out, full speed ahead. And some days are for deep breaths, fleece blankets, lingering over coffee and conversation, and listening to the rain.

When my girls were small, we ventured out into days like this, umbrella or not, delighting in the rain, reciting poetry and singing songs, our rain-walks a perfect diversion from our usually strict homeschool schedule. I disregarded puddles and watched their happy faces, instead, and when we returned to the warm, dry condo, we’d drink hot chocolate and read together on the couch.

“But let it rain, Tree-toads and frogs, Muskets and pitchforks, Kittens and dogs! Dash away! splash away! Who is afraid? Here we go, The umbrella brigade!”
~ From “The Umbrella Brigade” by Laura Richards.

Today’s rain is the perfect diversion from my typically strict work schedule. Though my calendar of meetings and full in-box beckon, and though I will certainly return to them soon, I’m pausing for a moment for a walk in the rain with my daughters and cherishing the memory of those Chicago rain-walks.

P.S. I’m celebrating my inclusion in this list of honorees for 2015 on the 40 Women Over Forty To Watch list.


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