When You Finally Reach a Long-Held Goal


My team met on Zoom this morning to celebrate.

Since 2015 (!), we’ve been working toward a specific revenue milestone. We’ve been so close, so many times, but we’ve never met the goal.

Today is the day we finally reached —and surpassed that milestone. By year’s end, we’ll be far beyond the goal I set so long ago.

How does it feel? It feels exciting. We have good momentum. I feel proud of what I’ve built. I feel proud of my team and how well we are working together this year. I feel proud that I didn’t give up. I feel proud that I kept showing up.

I feel grateful to my team. And grateful to our clients, who consistently refer others to our services.

It also feels a bit like we’re entering a new era. We’re a new kind of company. We can continue to grow from here; we know what it takes.

During the years that we tried, and fell short, of the goal I’d set, I began to believe that my own capability could only take us so far. As the primary business development person in our organization, I saw our revenue as limited by what I could sell, believing that our stagnant revenue numbers meant that because I could only sell “so much,” we could only be a certain sized company. My self-limiting beliefs created a wall, and I assumed I couldn’t scale it.

Now that we have, I’m inspired to consider what success looks like from here. I want to set bigger goals and reach them faster. I want to stay focused on continuing to create a company where my team can thrive, a company where we can do great work together. As the company improves financial results, I want our team to enjoy their share of that success.

When have you reached a long-held goal? How did it feel? 


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